Promotional and corporate gifts are big business, with an estimated value of about $125 billion each year. Promotional items can help build brand awareness, and promotional gifts themselves serve to reward favored clients, hard-working employees, and to solidify business relationships with partners. There are literally thousands of different gifting options, but one of the most popular categories is that of practical gifts or those gifts that can be used on a daily basis. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most popular practical promotional gifts, helping you to make smart decisions about your gifting initiatives.

Why Choose Practical Promotional Gifts?

Before exploring some of our favorite promotional gift choices, it can be valuable to understand why practical gifts have become so dominant in the gifting industry.

The answer is simple: practical gifts are designed to be used every day and in nearly every facet of life. Many of us have received a corporate gift such as a plaque or desk display, and while these are great gifts for certain occasions, they don’t really do anything for the gift recipient other than remind us of our achievements.

Practical gifts, on the other hand, are those gifts we reach for every day. Whether we use a promotional insulated drink bottle, an item of clothing, or a branded pen and pencil set, we value these gifts above others because they serve a practical role in our lives. Not only are we reminded of our business relationships with the gift-giver, but the gifts also performs a specific task that adds value to our daily routines.

Favorite Practical Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are a great way to let others know your company values their contributions and their patronage. Here are some of the most popular – and practical — promotional gifts that recipients will turn to day in and day out:

Reusable Shopping Bags – reusable shopping bags can be found across the retail industry, and these bags reduce plastic waste entering our environment. A branded promotional bag allows you to share your company’s message with others every day.

Insulated Drink Tumblers – from basic cups to sleek and stylish stainless steel models, insulated drink tumblers are great for the environment, reducing single-use plastics. These tumblers may be screen printed or laser-engraved with company logos or personalized messages to recipients.

Clothing/Apparel – branded promotional apparel comes in a range of styles and colors, from sportswear to high-end business casual pieces. When choosing apparel as a promotional gift, recipients will be able to use these items on a daily basis.

Journals – jotting down notes in a promotional branded journal lends a sophisticated air to daily routines. Journals, including leather-bound and silicone-covered options, are a great gift that recipients will treasure.

Writing Implements – a branded pen-and-pencil set makes a handsome gift for the special people in your business life, like valued employees or long-term vendor partners. These sets can be used every day, and help cement solid business relationships.

Umbrellas – considered a luxury promotional gift, a branded umbrella is a smart choice when you want to give a gift to someone special to your company. Promotional umbrellas are available in a wide range of styles and colors.

Mobile Phone Accessories – everyone uses a mobile phone, and the accessories market is ripe for branded promotional efforts. These accessories can be inexpensive, giving you the ability to share your company’s logo and message with many others.

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