Promotional Products

Siegel’s and IGC Promotions – Promotional Products

Siegel’s & IGC offers our clients the most complete range of products and services when it comes to Premiums and Promotional Merchandise.

  1. Traditional Domestic Distribution – We work with your favorite suppliers to bring you familiar, quality products quickly from domestic inventories.
  2. Innovation – Siegel’s and IGC have offices in 50 countries. Our global team find the latest , most innovative premiums!
  3. Factory Direct – Siegel’s and IGC can supply your domestic and international offices with factory direct premiums at huge savings.

Siegel’s and IGC leverage over $450,000,000.00 in annual spend to get our clients the best possible pricing. Our Global locations allow us to service your international offices using the local language, currency and customs!

Over 400,000 Premiums and Promotional items!

If you are in need of Corporate Gift Ideas, Siegel’s is your choice! Company Stores, Loyalty Programs and more. Please call or email with your inquiries! Questions? Call us at (888) 464-7770 or email