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Siegel’s Corporate Gifts and Promotions & IGC Global Promotions offer our clients the most complete range of products and services when it comes to Premiums and Promotional Merchandise. Whether you are rewarding a valued employee, promoting your company’s brand, or thanking a long-term business partner, our huge selection of corporate gifts and promotions is unmatched in the industry. We have worked with businesses throughout the United States and beyond, including some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Over 100 years of experience in the promotional gifts and branded premiums market means that Siegel’s and IGC are ready to provide you with the customer care you demand.

Why Choose Siegel’s Gifts?

Siegel’s Corporate Gifts was founded in 1910 in the greater New York City area. After years of growth and dominance in the promotional gift industry, we joined forces with IGC as its exclusive U.S.-based member. IGC is globally-recognized as the leading buyer and distributor of promotional merchandise, including premiums, executive gifts, branded apparel, and many more products. Together, we bring our clients unmatched selection at highly-competitive market pricing – our buying power gives us the ability to meet your needs and your budgets perfectly. Best of all, our products are backed by the industry’s most responsive client care team. We work closely with each client to source and develop customized promotional products and branded gift items that position your company in a positive light. Siegel’s is ready to turn your company’s gift ideas into reality.

How Our Branded Premiums and Promotional Products Differ

There are many reasons why Siegel’s Corporate Gifts and Promotions has led the branded premiums industry. Our incredible selection of products and our focus on outstanding customer service have cemented our reputation as valued business partners across industries. Here are three major reasons why Siegel’s is the right choice for your company’s promotional product needs:

Traditional Domestic Distribution 

We work with your favorite suppliers to bring you familiar, quality products quickly from domestic inventories. We have decades of purchasing experience, giving us the experience to optimize the supply chain. Our knowledge of suppliers on both regional and national levels allows us to support local manufacturing and distribution while improving your marketing mix.


Siegel’s and IGC have offices in nearly 50 countries. Our global team has incredible talent, finding the latest, most innovative premiums from suppliers around the world! Our innovation extends to sourcing sustainable and environmentally-friendly products from factories that are compliant with social and environmental responsibility standards. Our wide selection of eco-friendly “green” promotional gifts and branded premiums cannot be matched by other companies.

Factory Direct 

Siegel’s and IGC can supply your domestic and international offices with factory direct premiums at huge savings. By leveraging our many decades of experience we have been able to optimize our global supply chain to serve each and every client. Why wait on shipping when we can provide the promotional products you need at competitive pricing that saves you money? Siegel’s delivers time and again – on time and on budget.

Siegel’s and IGC leverage over $450,000,000.00 in annual spend to get our clients the best possible pricing. No matter where you are located and what your company’s needs are, our team can help you find the promotional items that resonate with recipients. Build your brand or reward valued employees and clients with exclusive gift ideas, all courtesy of Siegel’s and IGC. Our Global locations allow us to service your international offices using the local language, currency and customs!

Siegel’s offers our customers over 400,000 Premiums and Promotional items. Browse our online catalog today to learn more about our wide range of products, including branded apparel, executive gifts, promotional items, and so much more!

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