With the warm weather arriving across the country, thoughts turn to summertime fun and adventures. In the corporate gift and promotional products industry, summertime gift options are plentiful. One may not think of corporate gifting initiatives as seasonal, but in reality, the industry is prepared to handle gifts for any time of year and any occasion. Offering a token of thanks by gifting those people critical to your business operation is a practice that goes back hundreds of years. Here is a look at some of our favorite summertime gift ideas, adding value to the business relationship and providing the gift recipient with something he or she can use throughout the summer season. 

Apparel: A Popular Summer Gift Idea

Spring and summer often mean an increase in outdoor activities for many people. Perhaps one of the most popular of these activities is golf – a pastime enjoyed by millions of people each year. To reward a valued employee or to say thanks to a trusted business partner, branded apparel is a smart choice and one that will see use throughout the summer season. Corporate-branded apparel comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and fabrics, making it suitable for men and women alike. Apparel can be personalized with company logos and messages. 

Some of the most popular apparel choices include:

  • Golf wear, including polo shirts and sport tops
  • Performance-oriented t-shirts
  • Jerseys
  • Pullover and cover-up shirts
  • Vests

Gift apparel fabrics have made significant advances, and can be found in a wide variety of choices like organic cotton, eco-friendly bamboo fiber, and performance-oriented synthetics designed to wick moisture for high-intensity outdoor activities. 

Drinkware: Celebrating Summer with Style

In recent years, drinkware has risen to the forefront in corporate gifting and promotional product initiatives. Drinkware comes in a huge array of styles and types, from casual beverage insulators to luxurious travel-oriented barware and tumblers. A growing understanding of environmental stewardship has spurred the increase in reusable drinkware sales, which helps reduce single-use bottles and their impact on the environment. Many of these eco-friendly gift choices can be branded with corporate logos and information, and can even include a personalized message to the gift recipient. Summertime drinkware favorites include:

  • Can and bottle insulators
  • Insulated tumblers
  • Insulated wine coolers
  • Reusable water bottles, including insulated options
  • Barware

Because there are so many choices available in this category, it is easy to find the right drinkware product to meet specific needs and price points. From simple reusable plastic water bottles to more high-end insulated stainless steel and etched glass options, the sky is the limit for summertime gifting. 

Outdoor Products: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Enjoying the outdoors is incredibly popular in the spring and summer months. For corporate gifting ideas, there is a treasure trove of options available, many of which can be emblazoned with company logos and information or personalized messages. Some of the most popular outdoor product choices for summer-season gifting include:

  • Golf accessories
  • Beach activity equipment
  • Picnic blankets
  • Sunglasses
  • Soft-sided food and beverage coolers
  • Hammocks
  • Folding camp chairs
  • Backpacks

With these summertime favorites, finding the right gift for your employees, your business partners, and your corporate leaders is easier than ever before. Help your gift recipient enjoy their time outdoors this summer season with a branded gift that says “thank you” for their contribution to your business’s success. 

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