Protecting your brand

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Your brand is an important part of your business. This forward-facing aspect of your presence helps to tell your story and to represent your endeavors to customers and business partners wherever you do business. Because it is so critical to the success of your company, businesses around the world derive great value from protecting their brands. Siegel’s Corporate Gifts and Promotions and IGC Global Promotions can help.

Our global marketing clients rely on Siegel’s and the IGC to support, protect and enhance their Brand. With our huge promotional product selection and personalization options, the sky’s the limit. Best of all we back our extensive product catalog with some of the highest standards in the corporate and promotional gifting industry. Quality, safety and compliance standards are reviewed and applied on every order we run. Materials, production and working conditions are observed and maintained by IGC employees. IGC personnel are on site at every facility we contract with. We Protect Your Brand!

How Siegel’s Gifts and IGC Protect Your Brand

For over a century, Siegel’s Gifts has been a leader in the premiums and promotional products industry. When we first opened our doors, we had one goal: to help other companies achieve success. Now, more than 100 years later, we have solidified our reputation as a valued business partner for thousands of companies in all industries and business sectors. Our partnership with the internationally-recognized IGC Global Promotions expanded our reach to a global level; in fact, we are the IGC’s exclusive American partner.

Because your brand has immense value, Siegel’s and the IGC work hard to assist in protecting this vital business asset. Some of the many benefits of working with our team in brand protection include:

Domestic and International Distribution 

With our decades of purchasing experience around the world, we have been able to streamline supply chains, and can source products from domestic and international inventories. We help support local manufacturing and distribution operations, and work with your favorite suppliers to deliver the products and promotions you need to build your brand presence. Our supply chain optimization means that you no longer have to wait for products to be shipped; our fast distribution network is unrivaled in the promotional products industry.

Unmatched Quality and Innovation 

Siegel’s and the IGC boast offices in over 50 countries around the world. This extensive network, coupled with our decades of experience, allows our team to source the latest and most innovative product mix in the promotions industry. We have worked with suppliers around the world, including manufacturing operations that place focus on sustainable, environmentally-friendly production practices. Compliance with social and environmental responsibility standards is something Siegel’s takes very seriously; our team carefully monitors all aspects of the production process. These extra steps ensure the highest quality and selection in our product lineup.

Personalization Options 

Over the past 100+ years, Siegel’s has worked with large and small businesses alike. We understand that each company is different, with different goals and unique markets in which they operate. To support brand=protection efforts, we have added literally thousands of personalization features to our product categories. Promotional products and premiums can be branded with your company logos and trade dress, or our manufacturing partners can include such personalization as messages, names and titles, and so much more. Speak to the Siegel’s team to learn more about the wide range of custom-tailored promotional products designed to fit your exact needs.

Siegel’s and the IGC offer our customers over 400,000 premiums and promotional items, many with options for customization. Browse our online catalog today to learn more about our wide range of products, including branded apparel, executive gifts, electronics, promotional items, and dozens of other product categories. Protect your brand with the help of Siegel’s Corporate Gifts and Promotions, the world leader in brand-focused promotional products.

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