For hundreds of years, businesses have rewarded their employees and clients with thoughtful gifts. Corporate gifts tell others that their business and their contributions are valued. The business of business gifting is huge, with an estimated worth of over $120 billion dollars annually. As with any market, emerging trends shape the industry. One of the hottest trends in corporate gifting is that of eco-friendly gifts. In this guide, we’ll explore great business gift ideas that can make a positive impact on business relationships and the environment itself.

Popular Eco-Friendly Business Gifts

In a study conducted by a leading corporate gifting industry partner, it was determined that environmentally-friendly gifts were among the most popular. In addition to popularity, these gifts, such as premiums and promotional items, have an intrinsic value that goes beyond the cost of the gift; the perceived value of the gift and its positive impression on the recipient mean that these gifts help to reinforce business relationships. 

Here are some excellent eco-friendly choices for your next corporate gifting initiative:

Branded Reusable Grocery Totes

branded colored tote bags

Reusable bags have taken the retail industry by storm, and this concept reduces our impact on the environment. Grocery totes can be branded with corporate logos or even a personalized message to increase its positive message, and this gift is suitable for nearly every occasion.

Branded Drink Bottles

branded insolated water bottles

Rather than wasting plastic and landfill resources with single-use drink bottles, a reusable bottle is a smart solution. Branded Promotional Drink bottles come in many styles, colors, and materials to suit any gifting initiative. A high-end stainless steel bottle can be laser-engraved with a logo or personalized message to give it that extra value for business partners and high-achieving employees. 

Branded Drink Tumblers and Mugs

business logo coffee mugs

Just like drink bottles, reusable branded insulated tumblers and mugs reduce waste while providing the ideal platform for a corporate logo or special message to the recipient. These tumblers and mugs can be found in a wide range of materials and styles, including insulated stainless steel, ceramic, or high-strength polymers.

Recycled Paper Note Pads and Books

branded recycled notepads

Paper waste accounts for a significant volume in landfills. Recycled paper products attempt to reduce that waste, lessening the impact on landfills and preserving our nation’s forests for future generations. Recycled paper notebooks and notepads tell your clients that you value them while you are thinking about the environment. These recycled paper products are available in a huge array of styles, including those that are suitable for executive gifts as well as promotional rewards for employees and customers alike. 

Bamboo Products

bamboo notepad

Bamboo is far more environmentally friendly than its wood alternative. Bamboo is fast-growing and sustainable in both cultivation and harvest. This wonder material is ideal for a range of products, including cheese-serving trays, cutting boards, drink coasters, and many more options. Bamboo products can be engraved or branded with corporate logos and personal messages if desired.

Eco-Friendly Apparel

sustainable clothing

Branded apparel has been a popular business gift idea for decades. Today, eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled polyester fleece, and textiles derived from bamboo have taken over. With apparel items branded with your business logo or message, you can create a positive message that can help improve your client relationships.

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